our business strategy.

Our business plan is for FIVE INDEPENDENT BUSINESSES in the one building at the heart of the town. We want to offer an accessible space for Otley residents and visitors to enjoy food, drink and events that will appeal to a wide range of tastes and pockets.

Full details of our plans and projections can be found in our prospectus.

Just email us with your address to let us know you'd like a copy.


a transformation.

Hover over the photographs below to see the vision for the renovations.

We have big plans for The Black Horse Stables!

Stable Archway Now

Stable Interior Now

we need you.

We are confidently asking our local community to provide a share of the funding for the project and development of The Black Horse. Beyond the satisfaction of contributing to a great cause, bringing new life into this great building and providing a great new venue in our town, you will receive special benefits.

You can give in three ways:

COMMUNITY MEMBERS 100 people giving £2100.
For every £2100 donated, one vote will be given. Each member is welcome to attend all board meetings and nominate themselves onto the board on a bi-annual basis. One membership to the loyalty scheme will be given and one name added to the contributors’ plaque. Subject to the performance of the venture, we anticipate a 3.75% RoI on shareholders’ investment*.

COMMUNITY PARTNERS 210 people giving £210.
For every £210 donated, one membership to the loyalty scheme will be given.

COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTORS  Unlimited numbers of people giving varying amounts. We are gratefully receiving donations from people who want to support the LS21 community venture with any other amounts. All support given will be greatly appreciated on behalf of the community.

* Whilst the 3.75% RoI cannot be guaranteed, we are confidently aiming for our investors to see this return.


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