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It is with great disappointment that we have to advise that Enterprise Inns Group have accepted an unconditional offer for The Black Horse from a 3rd party to take ownership of the building. Whilst it would have been a great achievement on behalf of the community had LS21 Ltd been able to bring this project to fruition, unfortunately it was not to be on this occasion. We thank you for your support.


the project.

The Black Horse Hotel is an iconic local landmark, the sole surviving coaching inn of the market town of Otley, where it stands on the main crossroads at the heart of the town. A short drive South East or West takes you to the cities of Bradford and Leeds. Travel to the North East and you’ll reach Harrogate and York. The real gem lies North West: the great expanse of the Yorkshire Dales.

The building has been successful until recently as a pub, hotel and restaurant. Many of its older period features have been retained and refurbished over the years, allowing each part of the building to hold on to its history while welcoming new generations of guests. Much like the town it sits in, The Black Horse has both heritage and potential. 

LS21, a not-for-profit company established by members of the local community has a vision, both realistic and ambitious, of The Black Horse as a thriving, viable events and social hub, managed by, and for, the community. The vision is realistic, because it is based on both an understanding of community need and of professional assessment of the challenges and opportunities presented by the building. It is ambitious, because LS21 know, through experience and discussion, how a big scheme can be made to work in such an amazing set of spaces. They are excited by it. But they cannot do it without the wide backing of the Otley community. They cannot do it without you.


Laura Kox, Courthouse Centre Director

The Courthouse is delighted to hear of LS21 ltd’s venture with the Black Horse. We look forward to working with them in the future!

Jennifer Pugh, Otley Ambassador and 
Woolpack Music Studios co-manager

This is a very exciting opportunity for Otley to reinvent an historic pub .... as a valuable asset to the Otley community. 

Matt Hardin, Otley Pub Club.

We wish LS21 best of luck with their exciting vision, and hope that people in Otley will get behind this excellent initiative.

who are we.

The LS21 board is made up of five people with an investment in Otley, who share a joint vision to create an amazing venue that welcomes everyone and enlivens the town. Their hope is of making this dream a reality with the wide involvement of the community in a not for profit venture.

Each member of the team has a unique contribution to make. Hover over their pictures below to find out more.









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